Eat with me: Taste of Hong Kong 2017

Taste of Hong Kong presented by Standard Chartered is back to Central Harbourfront on 16th-19th March 2017. It is a great opportunity to taste the most impressive, signature dishes prepared by top chefs from Hong Kong’s hottest restaurants!


It was my first time joining such a big food festival. I was so excited about it! I went there on 18th Mar Sat in the afternoon, they have two sessions each day- 12:30-16:30 & 18:00-22:00. Not too much people on Saturday afternoon, I guess most people prefer to go at night, the atmosphere should be more “festival”.




We started our first dishes with “CHINO”.
Top: Chicken & Egg Tostada / Guacamole (HKD$70)
Bottom: Al Pastor Taco / Roasted Pineapple / Tomatillo (HKD$50)


Crispy tortilla topped with guacamole, a little bit spicy-chicken plus a sunny egg.
Taste good, it’s a great option for a starter!



Next is “YARDBIRD”, which is one of my shortlisted restaurants.



Sweet Corn Tempura (HKD$50) – one of their most signature dish!
How creative it is, corn tempura? You can’t imagine its taste until you try.
It’s very crispy but not too oily. It is seasoned with sea salt and pepper only, so you can still taste the sweetness of the corn. I LOVE THIS!


Yuzu Chili Hot Wings (HKD$60) – Chicken wings with yuzu chili sauce? “WOW!” after I have my first bite…It is so “yuzu” HAHA! The flavor of yuzu chili sauce is so good with chicken wings, it really surprised me. YUM!!


After our savory craving, it’s time for some sweetness.
Must try dessert should be “TOSCA” – Tiramisu with limoncello (HKD$60)
UM…SO YUM! Tiramisu is not my most wanted dessert, but after having this, I think I fall in love with Tiramisu again!


Finally, we ended up our visit with this little dim sum from “DUDDELL’S”
Pork Dumpling with Black Truffle (HKD$50)


It is worth to go, there’s no other place you can discover iconic dishes all in one venue. If they hold this again next year, definitely I will be there to treat my tummy!!  😛